Class 2

Week beginning 18.11.19 Judaism Week

This week, Class 2 have looked and discovered Judaism. This included looking at Jewish artefacts, learning all about Shabbat, what it is and what it means and then we discovered how to make Challah bread, a bread that Jewish people have on Shabbat. We learnt lots and enjoyed making and tasting the bread as a class. To respect the Jewish faith, we looked at the Havdalah candle and for homework this week, we designed our own. We had a great week learning about the Jewish faith. Miss Duong

21.11.19 - Counting and adding coins

Today, we learnt to recognise coins from 1p to £2 and then we had to choose three coins and find the total. Challenge 1 - use coins 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p and 20p. Challenge 2 - use coins 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p and £1. Challenge 3 - use coins 20p, 50p, £1 and £2. The children did a great job and we had a fantastic lesson. Well done, Miss Duong.

19.11.19 Class 2 work with Trees for Learning

We welcomed Nic and Lynn back to our school this afternoon. We planted two trees on the field. The oak tree was planted in the corner near the fence, where the playground meets the field near the trim trail and the field maple tree, a little further along . We also ran a nature find relay, looking at the trees we planted last December, using clay and the natural resources to make a creature and then sticks and leaves to make a home for it. We had great fun! Thank you Nis and Lynn, Miss Duong.

18.11.19 - Subtraction using Base 10

Over the past few weeks, we have been using Base 10 to add and subtract. Today, we used Base 10 to subtract 2-digit numbers from another or a 2-digit number from a 3-digit number which crossed the 10s boundary. This meant that for every number sentence we completed, we had to exchange a 10 for 10 ones to find how many were left. We worked in pairs and recorded our answers onto a white, ensuring tha5 we checked our answers and corrected them when they were incorrect. Keep up the hard work. Miss Duong

11.11.19 Class 2 Will Remember Them

11.11.19 - Year 2 started Remembrance Day with a whole school assembly and then were mixed up and spent the morning in different classes. In the afternoon, we spent some time using water colour to paint poppies and ended the day with a whole school mass with Father John. Miss Duong. Class 2 Will Remember Them.

7.11.19 - Baptism Retreat with Joe

We ended our Signs and Symbols topic in Come and See with a Retreat afternoon with Joe. We ended the afternoon by sharing a collective worships with Class Reception and Class 1. We have learnt lots in this topic and would like to thank Joe for his support. Keep it up, Miss Duong.

6.11.19 - Baptismal Candles

Today, we finished our Signs and Symbols topic in Come and See by designing and making our own Baptismal Candle 🕯 We talked about how, when, how and why we have one. Thank you for your hard work and the children that brought in their Baptism candles to show the class. Great lesson, well done! Miss Duong

Advent Term 1 - Year 2 working hard during their lessons

Last half-term, we learnt some new skills. Here are some short clips of the children working hard to shade and to give form using paints, and using atlas books to find islands with a friend without my support. Some of the children even helped to paint more stones and flames for our ‘Stone Soup’ display which can be seen in the Infant Library and in the gallery tab on the school website. You are fantastic Year 2! Keep up the hard work. Enjoy the video, Miss Duong

16.10.19 Blessing of our community home

Today, Year 2 took part in blessing our community home and outdoor classroom. Thank you to Parent and Friends for all the help and support and providing us with an outdoor community home to facilitate our outdoor learning. Thank you to Miss Marshall for taking the lovely photos and short videos so that this video could be produced. Miss Duong.

14.10.19 Saint John Henry Newman

14.10.19 - Today we learnt who Saint John Henry Newman was and why he was canonised as a Saint yesterday. We learnt that he was a caring person who helped the poor and those less fortunate then us, he wrote lots of poem and prayers, performed two miracles, became a Catholic and is the first English Saint in over 50 years, and lots more. We then sketched Saint John Henry Newman and showed our artwork in our assembly. We learnt lots about our new Saint this morning. Well done, Miss Duong.

10.10.19 World Mental Health Day

10.10.19 - Today we learnt what mental health was and completed lots of activities; outdoor learning linked to mental in the morning with Mrs Hudson and then talking about our worries, what we are good at and how to look after ourselves and our mental health. Look after our emotions, look after our mental health and well-being. A great day children and we learnt lots too, a very proud Miss Duong 😁

7.10.19 To follow and listen to instructions carefully

7.10.19 - This morning, we made our class tomato soup and decided what to put in it. This was the last lesson linked to our story, Stone Soup. We listened very carefully to verbs and adverbs to chop, slice, grate, share and care. We did a fantastic job and tasted our soup too. Well done for listening carefully and working together. You have shown live, value and challenge today. Brilliant job Class 2, a very proud Miss Duong.

26.9.19 Investigating Fact Families

We had a go at recognising and understanding what a fact family is. We looked at what numbers belong to each family using different objects. We had fun investigating. Great work, Miss Duong.

20.9.19 - Today’s Phonics and English lesson

Today’s lesson was all about revisiting sounds and applying our knowledge. In English, we worked with a partner to write a definition of a noun, an adjective and expanded noun phrase, as well as giving lots of examples. We had a great morning. Well done Year 2, Miss Duong.

18.9.19 - Reading and editing our work

18.9.19 - We took it in turned to read our work with tone and expression to our friend whilst they listened, and continued to edit our work, from yesterday lesson, by adding words or punctuation using a green pen. Great team work, keep it up, Miss Duong.

18.9.19 - Materials and its uses

18.9.19 Science - We talked about materials and its uses and the during the second part of our lesson today, we went on a material hunt and then notes its uses. Great work children, well done, Miss Duong.

13.9.19 - Roald Dahl Day 2019

13.9.19- The children came to school dressed as Roald Dahl characters. The day started with an assembly, we took some photos and listened to parts of The Magic Finger, then we had a go and being Quentin Blake and drew some pictures. We ended the day with watching short video clips from Matilda. A great day, Miss Duong.

Woking together 5th September 2019

5.9.19 - We enjoyed working with a friend to explore the features of Traditional Tales last week. I have enjoyed teaching you all again, and welcoming our new children too! New beginnings for our Come and See topic, as well as the new school year. Miss Duong.

African Dancing

Underwater Land

The Beach

Captain Underpants’ and the Space Twins

Teacher Swap 2019

Healthy Eating Song

Scottish Dancing

C.A.S.E assembly

We learnt lots with Mr Fowkes over the last 10 weeks.

I can follow the class and school rules

We led today’s collective worship this morning. Photos taken by Mrs Bruce and video produced by Miss Duong.

Captain Concorde poem

Our day trip to the Tropical Butterfly House

Class swap with Miss Duong

Katie Morag Day videos

Have a look at the fun we had when Mr McAlpine came to play the bagpipes for us. Also enjoy watching how well we did learning Scottish dancing in one afternoon!

Katie Morag Day