Catholic Life

We will remember them

Take a minute to stop and pray. We will remember them. Video produced by Miss Duong.

Prayer and Care Group

The Prayer and Care group help in school to do lots of jobs around school and care for God’s world. Photos by Miss Hornsby. Video produced by Miss Duong.

Harvest 2017

A short video of our Harvest Celebration

Gardening Club

Gardening Club every Wednesday at 12:15pm to care for God's world and ensure we look after the plants, trees and environment on our school grounds. Video produced by Miss Duong.

Macmillan Bake Off 2017

Yet again we had some fantastic cakes made for this wonderful cause. It was so hard to choose the star bakers, so we had to have 5! Thank you to the PTA who did a great job serving tea and coffee to the parents that came. Thank you to all the parents who made cakes with the children. Thank you to Tesco for the donation of bags and a few extra cakes. And finally, a huge thank you to everyone who helped us raise over £260!

Our handprints for God by Reception and Mr Della-Spina 22.9.2017

Video my and produced by Miss Duong.

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Collective Worships

Malcolm’s Collective Worship - David and Goliath

We enjoy Malcolm’s colletive worships and would like to thank Malcolm for coming into our school on a regular basis. Thank you. Video produced by Miss Duong.

I can laugh and have fun by Class Reception

We prepared and then participated in our class collective worship. Photos by Miss Marshall. Video produced by Miss Duong.

I can say how I feel

A KS1 Collective Worship led by Miss Duong focusing on the Gospel of John 11: 32-40. Photos taken by Mrs Knight. Video produced by Miss Duong.

A short video of the pictures from our Celebration Mass with Bishop Patrick

A Wonderful celebration

We are all special by Class Reception

Our first Collective Worship at Holy Cross with Miss Duong. We hope you enjoy it.

Our World by Reception

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Whole School

Remembrance Day 2017 Class Swap Activities to Remember Them

A day full of Remembrance activities to remember them. We were mixed up in our key stages and all went to different classes to take part in lots of activities to remember them. Video produced by Miss Duong.

The Big First Aid Lesson with St John’s

Key Stage 1 and 2 joined many other schools across the country in ‘The Big First Aid Lesson’. We learnt many things that could save a life, answered quizzes and had lots of fun while learning!

Our day back in 1967

We had a great day back in 1967 and started the day with a KS1 and KS2 fashion show which ended with a 1967 song. We had a 60s style lunch with brightly decorated cupcakes and then we ended the day with an assembly, sharing what we did in the week. We had an excellent day t remember. Video produced by Miss Duong.

Celebrating our 50th Golden Anniversary

Watch our week celebrating 50th year on Leen Mills Lane. We ended the week back in 1967 with a fashion show and 60s style lunch. We had a fabulous week; learning about the past, Bishop Patrick's Mass, 60s fashion show and lunch and an assembly to share our work. Enjoy the video. Video produced by Miss Duong.

KS2 End of Year Awards

Many, many talented pupils received sporting awards, academic awards, motto awards and head teachers awards. Have a look!

KS1 End of Year Celebrations Assembly

Video filmed and produced by Miss Duong.

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Class Reception


We started our Judaism topic this week and looked at lots of artefacts.

Subtraction - take away 1

This week we learnt to count out objects and then take away one and count how many were left over.

Our diva pots

We took our diva pots home yesterday. We made them on Diwali day before the half-term and had to varnish them before we could take them home.

Our Anti-Bullying Activity - All Different All Equal

Today we learnt about treating others how we would like to be treated and we also talked about all being different and equal. We used three primary colours to make handprints to agree with this statement.

Child initiated play - how we play in the Foundation Stage

Take a look at our first half-term with Miss Duong. All of the videos and play are completely child initiated with little or no adult interventions. Watch and enjoy our natural play from September up to October half-term. You will also see some of the Year 1 children in this video as they reached the end of Foundation in July, I am so proud of you all! Miss Duong.

Welcome to God’s world

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Class 5

PC Stafford

PC Stafford came into class 5 to talk about bullying.

Class 5's Sixties project - technology

We were tasked to find out about the technology in the 60's -as our school was built in 1967 - and present it using modern technology. With the help of Mr Stafford, this is what we made.

Our class project about technology in the 60's using green screen

We researched the technology that was in the world when our school was built. Mr Stafford helped us use the green screen.

Class 5's Superhero Retreat

See what we got up to with Joe!

Class 5's Art Project

The whole school looked at Seurat's 1884 Bathers at Asnieres. We decided to paint our own water colour backdrops and use the green screen to make ourselves the people bathing. Have a look, can you see one of class 5 in the train? Can you see us walking on the bridge?

Flames and planes at CTK

We went to Christ the King to take part in a chemistry and physics lesson. We learnt how to use a Bunsen Burner and explored air resistance.

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