Catholic Life

John Burland returns to Holy Cross for the third year running 2019

We enjoyed a morning with John Burland, singing songs and having fun. Some of our past pupils also joined us from CTK. Thank you John for a fabulous morning. Video produced by Miss Duong.

Class 3 CAFOD Zero Hero Day

Saint George’s Day - 23rd April

We learnt about why we celebrate Saint George's Day. Miss Duong.

St Patrick’s Day

Activities in school and the parade in Nottingham.

Saint David’s Day Mass 1st March 2019

Thank you to Class Reception for preparing their first mass. We have all learnt lots about Saint David. Miss Duong.

Our Trust Song

In the Summer term, John Burland visited Holy Cross and together with Christ the King and our Chaplaincy team we wrote a song for our new OUr Lady of Lourdes CMAT. Have a listen and sing along!

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Come and See - Religious Education

Class Reception Our journey in love

We learnt lots and had a great morning of activities. Miss Duong.

Class Reception Our Journey with God 2019

We enjoyed our last Retreat with Joe and Brodie this year. We learnt about our journey with God and the items we would need. We had a great afternoon. Thank you Joe and Brodie. Miss Duong.

The Pentecost 2019

We learnt lots about the Pentecost story and the Holy Spirit. We spread the news by making Pentecost banners using the colours of flames and then spread the good news and celebrated Jesus going back to His Father in heaven and keeping His promise to send His special friend. Miss Duong.

Class Reception Station of the Cross 2019

We learnt about growing to love Jesus more during Lent and why. We talked about Jesus dying on Good Friday and why, and coming back to life on Easter Sunday. We thought about what this meant. Class Reception’s Station of the Cross was Jesus coming back to life. Father Paul took this to church so that it could be displayed on Easter Sunday. Miss Duong.

The Easter Story

We role-played parts of the Easter Story, showing what happened to Jesus after the 40 days and 40 nights in the desert. Well done children, Miss Duong.

Class Reception - Growing during Lent

During our Come and See lessons, we have been learning to love Jesus more during Lent and how to act and behave more like Jesus; to love one another how we want to be loved, respect others, share and care with one another and love your enemies. We have also planted seeds and will help them to grow by loving them, along with our baby chicks. We know that a Jesus died for us because He loves us. Miss Duong.

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Collective Worships

Lenten Adoration

Christ has no body here on Earth but yours. So, what are we doing today, Lord. We heard The Beattitudes and then thought of the good things that we can do with our hands, feet and eyes to do His good work. We drew a self portrait, made a promise to Jesus as to what we are going to do this Lent to be a good disciple.

Class 2 I can co-operate with others in work and play

Video produced by Miss Duong.

Class 1 I can try to use words to make the world a better place

Video produced by Miss Duong.

Class Reception I know we are happiest when we are united

Class Reception prepared our Colective Worship for KS1 today and some of the Reception children even had readings this time. Well done for helping Miss Duong.

Class Reception Celebrating Collective Worship

The children planned our collective worship for our Celebrating topic. We focused on Mary and Joseph taking baby Jesus to the Temple. Well done Class Reception. Miss Duong.

Class Reception I can tell you how I look after myself

Video produced by Miss Duong.

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Class Reception

Bikes on the road

We wrote notes to Miss Duong if we wanted to have a go on the bikes. This was our writing challenge and we enjoyed challenging ourselves. We learnt how to be safe when using bikes on the road. Well done, Miss Duong.

Using our ten frames

We applied our understanding, knowledge and skills to show Miss Duong what she had taught us. I was very impressed with your work children and I’m sure you’ll build upon these skills in Year 1. Fantastic!

Class of 2019 Graduation

I am so proud of what the children have achieved this year, well done to you all and thank you parents and carers for all the help and support this year. You have made my last year in EYFS an amazing one! Thank you, Miss Duong.

Our journey in love 2019

We looked and learnt about lots of different things on our journey in love. We learnt about similarities and differences, how to be a good friend, how God is our friend and said some prayers. We had a great morning taking part in lots of activities. Well done Class Reception, Miss Duong.

A visit from the chicks

Wow, haven’t they grown?! The children enjoyed seeing two of our eight grown-up chicks today. Just as last year, one even escaped and ran off and had to be chased by Mrs Knight!

Outdoor Learning at Brackenhurst 2019

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Class 2

10.10.19 World Mental Health Day

10.10.19 - Today we learnt what mental health was and completed lots of activities; outdoor learning linked to mental in the morning with Mrs Hudson and then talking about our worries, what we are good at and how to look after ourselves and our mental health. Look after our emotions, look after our mental health and well-being. A great day children and we learnt lots too, a very proud Miss Duong 😁

7.10.19 To follow and listen to instructions carefully

7.10.19 - This morning, we made our class tomato soup and decided what to put in it. This was the last lesson linked to our story, Stone Soup. We listened very carefully to verbs and adverbs to chop, slice, grate, share and care. We did a fantastic job and tasted our soup too. Well done for listening carefully and working together. You have shown live, value and challenge today. Brilliant job Class 2, a very proud Miss Duong.

26.9.19 Investigating Fact Families

We had a go at recognising and understanding what a fact family is. We looked at what numbers belong to each family using different objects. We had fun investigating. Great work, Miss Duong.

20.9.19 - Today’s Phonics and English lesson

Today’s lesson was all about revisiting sounds and applying our knowledge. In English, we worked with a partner to write a definition of a noun, an adjective and expanded noun phrase, as well as giving lots of examples. We had a great morning. Well done Year 2, Miss Duong.

18.9.19 - Reading and editing our work

18.9.19 - We took it in turned to read our work with tone and expression to our friend whilst they listened, and continued to edit our work, from yesterday lesson, by adding words or punctuation using a green pen. Great team work, keep it up, Miss Duong.

18.9.19 - Materials and its uses

18.9.19 Science - We talked about materials and its uses and the during the second part of our lesson today, we went on a material hunt and then notes its uses. Great work children, well done, Miss Duong.

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