Catholic Life

Youth Fun Day - Encountering Christ through fun and laughter

Friday 23rd November was youth fun day. The diocese wanted every school to take part. The Chaplaincy Team led the day, we had a Collective Worship, fun lesssons, a fun hour and a brilliantly fun assembly to finish.

Remembrance Week - The Centenary 2018

The children spent three afternoon mixed up in their Key Stage learning about the war, and produced some amazing work; art work, singing, prayers and whole school art too. We Will Remember Them. Thank you to all the parents who attended Friday's Remembrance Assembly where the children sang, shared what they had been learning about and read their prayers. Once again, thank you for your continued support.

Toy Sale for our Church

The children of Holy Cross donated toys that they no longer play with and we had a toy sale this afternoon to raise money for our church. Fantastic effort, well done to everyone. Thank you.

KS1 Harvest Festival Assembly 2018

Thank you God for giving us food to eat. Amen.

Encounter Him

Our diocese has another Day of the Eucharist . We held another community adoration , this time our theme was Encounter Him.

Journey of the Cross

The Prayer and Care Group lead small groups around our school to take part in the stations of the cross.

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Class Reception

Decorating our tree 2018

We enjoyed decorating our tree. Enjoy the video. Miss Duong.

Picking our Christmas tree 2018

The children walked beautifully and were very well behaved. They picked a beautiful tree which we hope to decorate next week. Well done children. Thank you to all of our helpers, we couldn't have done it without you. Thank you. Miss Duong.

Our third month - November

We had a very busy first week back after half-term learning about Bonfire Night, Diwali and Remembrance Day, remembering those who served and died for us during WW1. During week 2, our learning focus was Anti-Bullying Week and as a school, we made sock puppets. The month ended with Youth day; encountering Christ through fun and laughter.

Our second month - October

We’ve had a busy month and October starts off with performing. I hope you enjoy seeing what we have been learning.

Autumn 2018

Our first Retreat with Joe and Brodie

We had a great afternoon with Joe Nd Brodie learning all about our Come and See topic Welcome. Thank you.

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Class 3

Warburtons in Class 3

We had a great time baking and learning all about bread with Debbie from Warburtons.

Teacher Swap Book Week

The children had a great morning building rockets using straws, working together and writing their own space stories. Well done for a fabulous morning. Miss Duong.

Class 3 Retreat with Joe Communities

We had a great afternoon with Joe learning how to be a Good Samaritan in our community.

Stone Age Adventures September 2017

We had a great day of adventures learning all about the Stone Age era. Enjoy our video. Thank you. Miss Bamford and Mrs Hudson.

History through time

A brief look at the history we have learnt through time. Photos taken by Mrs Hudson, Miss Jones and Mr Pascoe. Video produced by Miss Duong.

Class Assembly 23rd June 2017

Video filmed and produced by Miss Duong

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