Catholic Life

Our Trust Song

In the Summer term, John Burland visited Holy Cross and together with Christ the King and our Chaplaincy team we wrote a song for our new OUr Lady of Lourdes CMAT. Have a listen and sing along!

Advent Adoration

We thought about making sure we were awake this Advent to Encounter Him. Thank you to our KS2 girls who sang solos so well. Music is Written by Matt Maher, Lord I need you.

Trees for Learning

Nic and Lynn from the Greenwood Comunity Forest, working with Trees for Learning helped us to plant over 150 trees/plants today. We worked together as a team to work towards planting one million trees by 2020. We would like to thank Nic and Lynn for their time today and hope our trees grown big and strong over the years. Father Paul came to bless the trees with Holy Water as we planted them. We hope to make God's World a greener place to live. We had a great day. Thanks, Miss Duong.

Youth Fun Day - Encountering Christ through fun and laughter

Friday 23rd November was youth fun day. The diocese wanted every school to take part. The Chaplaincy Team led the day, we had a Collective Worship, fun lesssons, a fun hour and a brilliantly fun assembly to finish.

Remembrance Week - The Centenary 2018

The children spent three afternoon mixed up in their Key Stage learning about the war, and produced some amazing work; art work, singing, prayers and whole school art too. We Will Remember Them. Thank you to all the parents who attended Friday's Remembrance Assembly where the children sang, shared what they had been learning about and read their prayers. Once again, thank you for your continued support.

Toy Sale for our Church

The children of Holy Cross donated toys that they no longer play with and we had a toy sale this afternoon to raise money for our church. Fantastic effort, well done to everyone. Thank you.

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Class Reception

People Who Help Us 2019 - The Post Office

We had an enjoyable trip to the Post Office last week. Well done to all of the children for being so sensible today. Thank you to all of our parent helpers.

Chinese New Year 2019 - Class R

We had a great time learning all about the Chinese zodiac and why we celebrate Chinese New Year. We celebrated the year of the pig today.

People Who Help Us 2019 - Librarians

The children walked sensibly to the library and had a great time finding out about the library and taking books out. Thank you to our parent helpers.

Our Fifth Month - January

We start the new year with our new topic, People Who Help Us. The children have been making important decisions such as, what should we change the role-play room to and what they wanted to write about. We’ve had a great start to the new year. Thank you for always trying hard children. Miss Duong

Coins - talking about the properties of coins

The children looked at coins and talked about the properties with their friends.

The Presentation Story Collective Worship

The children planned our collective worship for our Celebrating topic, well done Class Reception.

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Class 3

Warburtons in Class 3

We had a great time baking and learning all about bread with Debbie from Warburtons.

Teacher Swap Book Week

The children had a great morning building rockets using straws, working together and writing their own space stories. Well done for a fabulous morning. Miss Duong.

Class 3 Retreat with Joe Communities

We had a great afternoon with Joe learning how to be a Good Samaritan in our community.

Stone Age Adventures September 2017

We had a great day of adventures learning all about the Stone Age era. Enjoy our video. Thank you. Miss Bamford and Mrs Hudson.

History through time

A brief look at the history we have learnt through time. Photos taken by Mrs Hudson, Miss Jones and Mr Pascoe. Video produced by Miss Duong.

Class Assembly 23rd June 2017

Video filmed and produced by Miss Duong

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