Catholic Life

Stations of the Cross 2021

The children of Holy Cross have been working extremely hard to use their creative and verbal skills to put this video together. This video tells the story of Jesus’ difficult journey to sacrifice his life to save us so that we could all live, his crucifixion on Good Friday. Today, we travel along a path with Jesus, stopping at each station to say the selected prayers and reflections. Miss Duong.

23.3.21 Class 2 Palm Sunday

Today we learn all about Palm Sunday and listened to the readings from the Gospel. We found sticks and then made palm leaves and acted out what happens on Palm Sunday. A great job Year 2. Well done, Miss Duong.

Key Stage 2 Christmas Mash Up!

Class Reception’s Nativity 2020

The children in Class Reception have worked really hard to learn their lines and sing along to their Nativity. We are very proud of them. Well done! You did a brilliant job.

Class 2s Nativity 2020

This year Class 2 took charge of their Nativity, choosing singing and dancing parts if they wanted and chose all of their own words for the narration. We hope you enjoy our version of the Nativity story. Miss Duong.

Oh come all ye faithful

We were asked by our Trust to produce a video to go with this song. Our fantastic pupils from across the school took part in this. We are terribly proud of them and we hope that you enjoy the children’s efforts!

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Come and See - Religious Education

30.1.20 Year 6 Come and See work

Today, we read our work to Year 2, how to live like Jesus in our world and gave reasons for this. All of the children listened well and all of the Year 6 children have worked hard. Brilliant Come and See work Year 6. A proud Mrs Simpson.

Look and Discover Judaism By Class 2

This week, Class 2 have looked and discovered Judaism. This included looking at Jewish artefacts, learning all about Shabbat, what it is and what it means and then we discovered how to make Challah bread, a bread that Jewish people have on Shabbat. We learnt lots and enjoyed making and tasting the bread as a class. To respect the Jewish faith, we looked at the Havdalah candle and for homework this week, we designed our own. We had a great week learning about the Jewish faith. Miss Duong

A Simple Seder Meal by Class 5

Class Reception Our journey in love

We learnt lots and had a great morning of activities. Miss Duong.

Class Reception Our Journey with God 2019

We enjoyed our last Retreat with Joe and Brodie this year. We learnt about our journey with God and the items we would need. We had a great afternoon. Thank you Joe and Brodie. Miss Duong.

The Pentecost 2019

We learnt lots about the Pentecost story and the Holy Spirit. We spread the news by making Pentecost banners using the colours of flames and then spread the good news and celebrated Jesus going back to His Father in heaven and keeping His promise to send His special friend. Miss Duong.

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Collective Worships

Class 4 Collective Worship

Class 4 were really lucky to be supported by Joe in preparing and delivering a Collective Worship for KS2 lined to their come and See topic of Giving and Receiving.

Class 2 I can try to follow the class and school rules

We planned our Collective Worship today for Class Reception and a Class 1. We have been thinking about class and school rules and God’s rules. We decided the sit and gather in the shape of a heart to show our love for God and Jesus. Well done! Miss Duong. Thank you to Ms Marshall for the photos and short videos to make this video.

Class 1 Collective Worship

Thank you to Miss Marshall for the photos and videos for this video.

Class 2 Signs and Symbols Retreat with Joe

We ended our Signs and Symbols topic in come and See with a Retreat afternoon with Joe. We ended the afternoon by planning a collective worships and sharing this with Class Reception and Class 1. We have learnt lots in this topic and would like to thank Joe for his support. Keep it up, Miss Duong.

Lenten Adoration

Christ has no body here on Earth but yours. So, what are we doing today, Lord. We heard The Beattitudes and then thought of the good things that we can do with our hands, feet and eyes to do His good work. We drew a self portrait, made a promise to Jesus as to what we are going to do this Lent to be a good disciple.

Class 2 I can co-operate with others in work and play

Video produced by Miss Duong.

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Class Reception

Bikes on the road

We wrote notes to Miss Duong if we wanted to have a go on the bikes. This was our writing challenge and we enjoyed challenging ourselves. We learnt how to be safe when using bikes on the road. Well done, Miss Duong.

Using our ten frames

We applied our understanding, knowledge and skills to show Miss Duong what she had taught us. I was very impressed with your work children and I’m sure you’ll build upon these skills in Year 1. Fantastic!

Class of 2019 Graduation

I am so proud of what the children have achieved this year, well done to you all and thank you parents and carers for all the help and support this year. You have made my last year in EYFS an amazing one! Thank you, Miss Duong.

Our journey in love 2019

We looked and learnt about lots of different things on our journey in love. We learnt about similarities and differences, how to be a good friend, how God is our friend and said some prayers. We had a great morning taking part in lots of activities. Well done Class Reception, Miss Duong.

A visit from the chicks

Wow, haven’t they grown?! The children enjoyed seeing two of our eight grown-up chicks today. Just as last year, one even escaped and ran off and had to be chased by Mrs Knight!

Outdoor Learning at Brackenhurst 2019

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Class 1

Making bird feeds

Year 1 linked their topic with writing instructions to make bird feeds. We hope that the bird feeds will attract birds and wildlife to our school. You have worked hard. Well done Year 1. Mrs Khalil.

Our first Collective Worship in Year 1

Well done Year 1 for the planning and readings today. Thank you to Miss Marshall for the photos and short videos to make this video, Mrs Khalil.

Saint Patrick’s Day 18.3.19

Chinese New Year 2019 - Class 1

We had a great time learning all about the Chinese zodiac and why we celebrate Chinese New Year. We celebrated the year of the pig today.

Baking cookies

Four of our chicks visit

Wow, haven’t they grown?! The children enjoyed seeing four of our eight grown-up chicks; Summer, Jed, Spot and Harry. Harry even escaped and had to be chased by Mrs Knight!

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Class 2

25.3.21 Our Retreat with Joe

We had a lovely afternoon with our Chaplin Joe. We learnt about opportunities and how we all have the chance to serve God. We did lots of talking and listening and learnt lots too. Well done Year 2, Miss Duong.

23.3.21 Palm Sunday

Today we learn all about Palm Sunday and listened to the readings from the Gospel. We found sticks and then made palm leaves and acted out what happens on Palm Sunday. A great job Year 2. Well done, Miss Duong.

17.12.20 September to December birthday celebrations in school

We had a fabulous time on Thursday morning celebrating all the children who turned 7 between September to December, and were unable to have birthday parties at home due to Covid. We had dancing, pass the parcel, a COVID friendly game without having to touch the parcel, balloon games and birthday treats and snacks. Thank you to all those parents who donated party food and balloons. Thank you again, Miss Duong and Ms Marshall.

16.12.20 Class 2 Christmas Party Day

We had a great day today; we made a 3D Christmas cube which was filled by treats, coloured, cut and decorated a Christmas tree, had party snacks and a drink, danced in the hall, had a visit from Santa and received two presents from him. What a fabulous day! Thank you.

Nativity 2020

This year, class 2 took charge of our Christmas Nativity. They took charge and decided what parts they wanted, if they wanted to sing or just have a speaking part, what they wanted to say and how. It was all down to the children to choreograph and act out the scenes. They listened to a song and then performed it in in a very short space of time to create their own version of our class Nativity. What an amazing job Year 2! A very proud Miss Duong.

Advent Assembly

We joined Mrs McNamara in the hall, whilst the other classes joined on Teams, for our Advent Assembly. In class, we are learning all about preparations for a Jesus’ birthday. Thank you Ms Marshall for the photos and short videos, Miss Duong.

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