Catholic Life

John Burland returns to Holy Cross for the third year running 2019

We enjoyed a morning with John Burland, singing songs and having fun. Some of our past pupils also joined us from CTK. Thank you John for a fabulous morning. Video produced by Miss Duong.

Class 3 CAFOD Zero Hero Day

Saint George’s Day - 23rd April

We learnt about why we celebrate Saint George's Day. Miss Duong.

St Patrick’s Day

Activities in school and the parade in Nottingham.

Saint David’s Day Mass 1st March 2019

Thank you to Class Reception for preparing their first mass. We have all learnt lots about Saint David. Miss Duong.

Our Trust Song

In the Summer term, John Burland visited Holy Cross and together with Christ the King and our Chaplaincy team we wrote a song for our new OUr Lady of Lourdes CMAT. Have a listen and sing along!

Advent Adoration

We thought about making sure we were awake this Advent to Encounter Him. Thank you to our KS2 girls who sang solos so well. Music is Written by Matt Maher, Lord I need you.

Trees for Learning

Nic and Lynn from the Greenwood Comunity Forest, working with Trees for Learning helped us to plant over 150 trees/plants today. We worked together as a team to work towards planting one million trees by 2020. We would like to thank Nic and Lynn for their time today and hope our trees grown big and strong over the years. Father Paul came to bless the trees with Holy Water as we planted them. We hope to make God's World a greener place to live. We had a great day. Thanks, Miss Duong.

Youth Fun Day - Encountering Christ through fun and laughter

Friday 23rd November was youth fun day. The diocese wanted every school to take part. The Chaplaincy Team led the day, we had a Collective Worship, fun lesssons, a fun hour and a brilliantly fun assembly to finish.

Remembrance Week - The Centenary 2018

The children spent three afternoon mixed up in their Key Stage learning about the war, and produced some amazing work; art work, singing, prayers and whole school art too. We Will Remember Them. Thank you to all the parents who attended Friday's Remembrance Assembly where the children sang, shared what they had been learning about and read their prayers. Once again, thank you for your continued support. Miss Duong.

Toy Sale for our Church

The children of Holy Cross donated toys that they no longer play with and we had a toy sale this afternoon to raise money for our church. Fantastic effort, well done to everyone. Thank you. Miss Duong.

KS1 Harvest Festival Assembly 2018

Thank you God for giving us food to eat. Amen. Miss Duong.

Encounter Him

Our diocese has another Day of the Eucharist . We held another community adoration , this time our theme was Encounter Him.

Journey of the Cross

The Prayer and Care Group lead small groups around our school to take part in the stations of the cross. Miss Duong.

Class Reception Mass

Well done Class Reception. Miss Duong.

ARK - Acts of Random Kindness

As a school, we have been making a note of how people have shown acts of random kindness and added them to our tree. Miss Duong.

Encounter His Forgiveness

On Friday, 23rd March, the whole school took part in a Reconciliation Service and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. We thought about forgiveness and untied knots in a rag as we told Jesus we were sorry. Parents, staff, pupils and governors all took part and enjoyed a special time with Jesus this Lent. Thank you to the Prayer and Care Group who did an excellent job of preparing and reading.

Growing to love Jesus more during Lent

We learnt lots about how we can grow more during Lent. Miss Duong.

Holy Cross Take part in the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade

We had a very snowy morning parading with our banners. We learnt a traditional Irish tale and then celebrated one of our house point saints. We all had a great afternoon on Monday and enjoyed the sights and sounds of the Parade.

Shrove Tuesday Pancake Day 2018

We learnt why we eat pancakes on Pancake Day and also learnt that Shrove Tuesday is the day before Lent. Miss Duong.

Class Reception take part in Candlemass

The children really enjoyed decorating their candles. Well done, Miss Duong.

Children’s Rights Week

We have all been learning about the Rights of a Child. We used the wonderful song to finish our week with a bang!

Have you ever seen a mustard seed?

Our Gospel on Friday is about a mustard seed and the Kingdom of God. The whole school learnt this song in under ten minutes to help us understand the message of the Gospel. Would be fantastic to see lots of parents at class 4’s Mass on Friday because it will be even better live. The song is composed by the wonderful John Burland and is on his Alive in Christ CD.

Carol Service 2017

If you were unable to come along, or just want to hear our wonderful singing again, have a quick watch of our highlight video. Thank you to all who came and helped us walk the whole school safely to church, Father Paul, the staff and the awesome pupils of Holy Cross. Christmas has officially started!

Children of the World Nativity 2017

Please enjoy our dress dress rehearsal from last week. The children did a fantastic job!! Well done to Class Reception, 1 and 2! Fantastic! I hope you enjoy the video, Miss Duong

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, Encounter His healing

Holy Cross took part in the Diocesan Schools Adoration Day

Being a Saint

We turned ourselves into Saints by drawing a new Saints outfit. Miss Duong.

Remembrance Day 2017 Class Swap Activities to Remember Them

A day full of Remembrance activities to remember them. We were mixed up in our key stages and all went to different classes to take part in lots of activities to remember them. Video produced by Miss Duong.

We will remember them

Take a minute to stop and pray. We will remember them. Video produced by Miss Duong.

Prayer and Care Group

The Prayer and Care group help in school to do lots of jobs around school and care for God’s world. Photos by Miss Hornsby. Video produced by Miss Duong.

Harvest 2017

A short video of our Harvest Celebration

KS2 End of Year Awards

Many, many talented pupils received sporting awards, academic awards, motto awards and head teachers awards. Have a look!

Welcome Father Paul Friday 9th June 2017

Film recorded and produced by Miss Duong

Gardening Club

Gardening Club every Wednesday at 12:15pm to care for God's world and ensure we look after the plants, trees and environment on our school grounds. Video produced by Miss Duong.

Macmillan Bake Off 2017

Yet again we had some fantastic cakes made for this wonderful cause. It was so hard to choose the star bakers, so we had to have 5! Thank you to the PTA who did a great job serving tea and coffee to the parents that came. Thank you to all the parents who made cakes with the children. Thank you to Tesco for the donation of bags and a few extra cakes. And finally, a huge thank you to everyone who helped us raise over £260!

Our handprints for God by Reception and Mr Della-Spina 22.9.2017

Video my and produced by Miss Duong.

Welcome to all our new pupils!

The new reception pupils were welcomed officially into our community during our first school Mass of the year. Father Paul presented them all with a special book which they can us to store all of their certificate they get while they are at our school.

Smile for Bradley from Holy Cross

Video produced by Miss Duong.

Whole School Prayer Project

Three of our teachers completed the Bishops Certificate for Teachers. They were asked at the beginning of the course to complete a project during the year. We decided to base our project on Prayer in our school. Have a look at what was introduced, what was improved and what our community thinks about Prayer.

Prayer Book Class Reception of 2016 to 2017

Please read our class prayer book and watch the prayers that the children have learnt this year and wanted to share with you all. Thank you for your help and support to write them.

Our Morning with John Burland

See what wonderful songs we learnt with Australian educator and composer John Burland when he visited us on his tour.

John Burland meet Holy Cross and CTK

Photos and short films taken by Miss Marshall. Video produced by Miss Duong.

Saint Francis Eco-Warriors visit Veolia

Saint Francis Eco-Warriors learn more about recycling at Veolia. Thank you to Lesley and Lydia for the visit and a big thank to Mr Pascoe for helping on our trip. Looking after God's world to make it a better place to live. Photos taken by Miss Duong and Mr Pascoe, film produced by Miss Duong.

Praying with our crosses

Thank you to all parents who helped the children to make their crosses. Here's a short video to show you what the children have been doing with them. Thank you. Video filmed and produced by Miss Duong

Joseph by 20 children from Year 5 and 6

20 Year 5 and 6 children worked really hard with Miss Hornsby to take part in the Joseph Production with our Hucknall Family of Schools. Well done children, you did an amazing job!! Video filmed and produced by Miss Duong.

Father Carvill - Retirement Book from HCPCVA

All of the staff and children at Holy Cross Primary Catholic Voluntary Academy would like to thank Father Carvill for all of his hard work and support over the past 9 years. Happy retirement and God Bless. Video filmed and produced by Miss Duong.

Saint Francis - Looking after our world

Thank you to all of the children, parents/carers and staff that came to help Mr Pascoe during our morning gardening club. Video filmed and produced by Miss Duong.

Shrove Tuesday Pancake Day

Video filmed and produced by Miss Duong.

Prayer Book Class 1 of 2015 to 2016

Thank you for all of your fabulously written prayer class of 2015-2016. Video filmed and produced by Miss Duong.

Catholic Life at Holy Cross Primary