Collective Worships

Lenten Adoration

Christ has no body here on Earth but yours. So, what are we doing today, Lord. We heard The Beattitudes and then thought of the good things that we can do with our hands, feet and eyes to do His good work. We drew a self portrait, made a promise to Jesus as to what we are going to do this Lent to be a good disciple.

Class 2 I can co-operate with others in work and play

Class 1 I can try to use words to make the world a better place

Class Reception I know we are happiest when we are united

Class Reception prepared our Colective Worship for KS1 today and some of the Reception children even had readings this time. Well done for helping Miss Duong.

Class Reception Celebrating Collective Worship

The children planned our collective worship for our Celebrating topic. We focused on Mary and Joseph taking baby Jesus to the Temple. Well done Class Reception.

Class Reception I can tell you how I look after myself

Class 2 I can say one good thing about myself

Class 1 I know what humility means

Class 6

Collective Worship

Class Reception I cooperate with others in work and play

Class Reception led and organised our collective worship today. They decided how to gather and what song to sing to end it. Thank you.

The Feast of the Presentation of the Lord - led by class 3

Our wonderful celebration of the Feast day. We all decorated our own candles and started the celebration out in the playground.

Class 1 I listen to what you say. I can show you that I am listening

Today, Class 1 planned and led our Collective Worship. Photos and video produced by Miss Duong.

Great Big God

Our whole school singing one of our favourite songs

Malcom's Colletive Worship May 2017

What do your words do?

Class 2 I can follow the class and school rules

Watch today’s Collective Worship; I can follow the class and school rules. We learnt about the 10 Commadments from Class 2. Photos taken by Mrs Bruce and video produced by Miss Duong.

Class 1 Simple things can make us happy

Class 1 led the Collective Worship today with Mrs Bruce. Video filmed and produced by Miss Duong on behalf of Mrs Bruce.

Welcome Collective Worship by Class Reception

We learnt lots about Baptism in this topic. Miss Duong.

Malcolm’s Collective Worship - David and Goliath

We enjoy Malcolm’s colletive worships and would like to thank Malcolm for coming into our school on a regular basis. Thank you. Video produced by Miss Duong.

I can laugh and have fun by Class Reception

We prepared and then participated in our class collective worship. Photos by Miss Marshall. Video produced by Miss Duong.

I can say how I feel

A KS1 Collective Worship led by Miss Duong focusing on the Gospel of John 11: 32-40. Photos taken by Mrs Knight. Video produced by Miss Duong.

A short video of the pictures from our Celebration Mass with Bishop Patrick

A Wonderful celebration

We are all special by Class Reception

Our first Collective Worship at Holy Cross with Miss Duong. We hope you enjoy it.

Our World by Reception

Friends by Reception

Video filmed and produced by Miss Duong.

Worship with John Burland

A short film and photos of our worship morning.

Good News by Reception

Video filmed and produced by Miss Duong

A Thank you to Father Carvill

Hear our singing and explore how we thanked Father Carvill for his work and dedication to our Parish. We wish him a long and peaceful retirement.

Prayer and Care Group - April 2017