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The Easter Story 2019


We role-played parts of the Easter Story, showing what happened to Jesus after the 40 days and 40 nights in the desert.

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Our Eighth Month - April

April starts with growing, new life and Easter. During April, we had our 2 week Easter break. We learnt lots about loving others like Jesus loves us, and we showed this love towards our class chicks. Thank you to Mrs Wood and her family for taking the chicks to their new home, to live on her farm. We hope to see you all soon, Class Reception

People Who Help Us 2019 - Paramedics

Thank you to Sam for organising a visit from Ellen and Darren. The children learnt so much and really enjoyed this visit. Thank you for coming to see us on your day off. A brilliant morning.

Fathering Sunday 2019

To all our wonderful fathers, we thank and love you for being wonderful. We hope that all our dad’s have had a great Father’s Day today.

Tropical Butterfly House 2019

Pentecost 2019

We learnt lots about the Pentecost story and the Holy Spirit. We spread the news by making Pentecost banners using the colours of flames and then spread the good news and celebrated Jesus going back to His Father in heaven and keeping His promise to send His special friend.

Saint George’s Day 2019

We learnt all about Saint George’s Day today. The day started with a whole school assembly, then we took part in lots of activities in class; painting flags, making bunting, role-play, writing about Saint George, preparing cucumber sandwiches, and jam and cream scones for our picnic in the afternoon. It was a great day!