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Class Reception - Growing during Lent


During our Come and See lessons, we have been learning to love Jesus more during Lent and how to act and behave more like Jesus; to love one another how we want to be loved, respect others, share and care with one another and love your enemies. We have also planted seeds and will help them to grow by loving them, along with our baby chicks. We know that a Jesus died for us because He loves us.

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Some of the children built a temple to talk about and role-play the story. They did a great job and decided what resources they wanted to use in The Forest Kingdom. Well done, Miss Duong.

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We learnt about growing to love Jesus more during Lent and why. We talked about Jesus dying on Good Friday and why, and coming back to life on Easter Sunday. We thought about what this meant. Class Reception’s Station of the Cross was Jesus coming back to life. Father Paul took this to church so that it could be displayed on Easter Sunday.

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